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Kramer’s Advice for Hecklers

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 07:20

Michael Richards, not known for being great at handling hecklers, is dishing out advice to NBA players who are getting heckled like crazy, hoping they can learn from his mistakes.

The “Seinfeld” alum lost his cool while dealing with a heckler back in 2006, dropping some n-bombs in a tirade all caught on video. While the actor has apologized and even tried to repair his relationship with the black community, the incident has not been forgotten.

The 69-year-old told TMZ that he “didn’t handle the heckler too good” but hopes that he can shed some light for other stars dealing with the same issue. He advised others not to feed into the trash-talkers and “just remember, you’re there to entertain people. Stay with the entertainment. We need it.”

Michael played Cosmo Kramer on the hit show.

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Modern Family

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 19:03

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland is under fire for requesting donations to a GoFundMe page for her late 14-year-old cousin’s funeral arrangements. Her cousin was killed by a drunk driver over the weekend. The donation page was asking for $10,000, an amount social media followers were quick to point out would be easy for Hyland to cover herself. 

Hyland did give $1000 to the fund, and Modern Family co-star Ariel Winter put in $2,5000. Hyland clapped back at the detractors on Twitter, saying the haters just don’t know all the details. 

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Pap Murphy

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 18:58

Eddie Murphy is a father — for the tenth time. Son Max was born Friday to fiancee Paige Butcher. It’s their second child together. “Both Mother and son are doing well,” a rep for the couple told People magazine.

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McCain Bitches Behar

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 18:54

The View co-host Joy Behar hijacked a tribute to George H. W. Bush on Monday, and Meghan McCain had none of it. Behar managed to dovetail the segment into a criticism of President Trump’s environmental policies. McCain snapped that she wanted to focus on President Bush — and when the women started bickering, Whoopi Goldberg threw to commercial. Onlookers say that even during the break, the women continued to have it out. Behar said she’d quit the show if McCain kept interrupting her and to “Get this bitch under control,” referring to McCain.

McCain and Behar have an icy relationship — and producers don’t see it thawing anytime soon.

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For Pete’s Sake

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 18:46

Pete Davidson is tired of all the social media trolls. He took to Instagram to leave a lengthy (for Instagram) statement about being bullied ever since his relationship with Ariana Grande got serious, and subsequently ended. Davidson said he’s been open about his struggles with depression and suicide, yet people still exploit that. “No matter how hard the internet or anyone tries to make me kill myself. I won’t,” he wrote. 

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Kendall Jenner, Skating Phenom

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 18:43

Kendall Jenner and boyfriend basketballer Ben Simmons were spotted at the ice rink in Philly on Monday. She actually laced up skates, but he stood on the sidelines to watch. The runway model actually had pretty good moves on ice, onlookers say. 

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Adelson Unleashed

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 18:34

GOP Megadonor Sheldon Adelson says he’s not backing Republican organizations in the next election cycle unless they shape up their operations. He gave $112 million during the 2018 cycle, including $100,000 to the National Republican Campaign Committee and $33,000 each to the Republican National Committee and National Republican Senatorial Committee. 

In the future, he’s not giving money to “inefficient” organizations, sources say. In particular, he thinks Republicans need a counterpart to ActBlue, the progressive online donation platform that focuses on small contributions, and get funneled to left-wing candidates in both statewide and local races.

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Harris 2020

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 18:25

California Senator Kamala Harris says she’ll make a decision about a 2020 White House bid over the holidays, and that it comes down to what her family says. But in the meantime, she says the whole process will be ugly.

Speaking to The Hill, Harris said, “Let’s be honest. It’s going to be ugly.” 

“When you break things, it is painful. And you get cut. And you bleed.”

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Bern 2020

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 17:32

Bernie Sanders gathered a group of friends and loyalists for a strategy retreat in Vermont over the weekend, and talk of a 2020 run for president felt like a foregone conclusion. His advantage this time will be frontrunner status from the beginning, meaning starting out with a much bigger, more complex organization — at least that’s what his top supporters say.

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Zucker for America

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 17:29

CNN Head Honcho Jeff Zucker hasn’t ruled out running for office. Chatting with former Obama flunkie David Axelrod on his podcast “The Axe Files,” Zucker said he’s always felt in his gut he could get involved in politics. 

Axelrod pointed out Zucker had turned down an opportunity to work for Al Gore in 2000 — and Zucker has had curiosity about public office ever since.

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Mon, 12/03/2018 - 17:25

President George H. W. Bush’s remains arrived in Washington DC Monday evening, on board a military jet with the callsign Special Air Mission 41. Speaking at a ceremony upon the casket’s arrival, Vice President Mike Pence gave remarks, speaking to the 41st president’s life and character: “[he] never lost his love of adventure, and he never failed to answer the call to serve his country,” Pence said.

The casket will remain on display in the Capitol rotunda until early Wednesday morning, when the state funeral will begin. President Bush made clear he wanted President Trump at the funeral, though the current Commander in Chief will not speak. 

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History: December 4, 2018

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 17:11


General George Washington tells his closest officers that he will resign as general.

He fully intended to quietly return to civilian life.

The resolute Washington reportedly chocked up and cried briefly while embracing and bidding goodbye to his closest confidants.

The official resignation was delivered to Congress on December 23. Then, he left for Mount Vernon.

He spent 6 relatively quiet years as a farmer. But in 1789, he was elected the first president of the United States.


The concept of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is first reported.

Psychiatrist WH Rivers wrote a report called “The Repression of War Experience.”

It included anecdotal evidence of British soldiers who had returned from combat during World War I. The young men suffered from anxiety and nightmares.

Rivers suggested that the emotional toll could often rival the physical toll that war took on soldiers.


Woodrow Wilson departs Washington on a trip in which he would become the first sitting president to visit Europe on state business.

He traveled by boat, for 9 days aboard the S. S. George Washington.

It docked in France, and Wilson went to Versailles. From there, he sat at the table to seek a formal peace treaty to end World War I.

For his efforts, he would be awarded the 1920 Peace Prize.


By a vote in the Senate, the United States becomes a participating member of the United Nations.

The organization was officially founded by China, France, the Soviet Union, Britain and the U.S. in October that year, following the end of World War II.

With approval from the Senate, the U.S. could constitutionally participate and contribute.

After the failure of the League of Nations after World War I, the country and the world was desperate for an organization that promised to mediate and end all future war conflicts. THANK GOD THAT WORKED.



Amanda Knox is convicted of murder by an Italian Court.

The American student studying abroad was implicated in the murder of her roommate, with her boyfriend as an accomplice.

After a series of appeals, Knox was eventually acquitted in 2011.

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Birthdays: December 4, 2018

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 17:09

Tyra Banks – 44

Kevin Sussman- actor – 47

Jay-Z (Sean Carter) – 48

Fred Armisen – 51

Marisa Tomei – 53

Jeff Bridges – 68


Francisco Franco – 1892

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Panthers’ Veterans Defend Rivera

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 17:04

After losing
their fourth straight game to lowly division rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers the
seat is getting hot for head coach Ron Rivera and veterans on the team are coming
to his defense.

The team’s
6-2 start seems like forever ago and struggles abound on the team and shake ups
on the coaching staff have failed to stop the slide.

The aging
veterans on the team that are defending Rivera are the ones that are bogging
them down particularly on defense where the ageless Julius Peppers has returned
to the team that originally drafted him, can’t get any pressure on the passer any
longer and on offense the career of tight end Greg Olson seems to be over as a
recurring plantar fasciitis injury has him done for the year with his next stop
being the broadcast booth.

Their cocky fashion plate QB Cam Newton has a shoulder injury that keeps him from throwing on Wednesday of game week and couldn’t even throw the final Hail Mary in their loss to the Bucs although it was fine to throw 4 picks in the game.

Rivera has
amassed a record of 70-53 -1 in eight seasons in Carolina to go with a Super
Bowl appearance. The team has new owner so while the players may be in his
corner there’s no track record to rely on to gauge the direction they may go
after the season.

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Texans Have the D to Harrass High Flying Offenses

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 17:02

starting the 2018 season at 0-3 and talk of Bill O’Brien losing his job as head
coach the Houston Texans have ripped off 9 straight wins.

While the offense is more than capable since the return of Deshaun Watson at QB and rising offensive stars like Lamar Miller and DeAndre Hopkins and the arrival a Demaryius Thomas from Denver, it is the defense that will carry this team deep into the playoffs.

Lead by JJ
Watt, Jadaveon Clowney and Whitney Mercillus the Texans defense created 22 takeaways,
34 sacks and held offenses to an average of 3.7 year per rush.

The only way
to disrupt high octane offenses like the Chiefs and Steelers is to apply
pressure up front and force Patrick Mahomes and Ben Roethlisberger into off
balance throws and the sideline to sideline speed of the Texans linebacker
prevent running backs from turning the corner and getting upfield.

The Texans have
quietly taken control of the AFC South, a division that was thought to be
firmly in the hands for last year’s division champ the Jacksonville Jaguars who
have bumbled, and trash talked their way to a 4-8 record this season.

Want to beat
the Saints or the Rams in the Super Bowl? The Texans have the defense to get
the job done.

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Rodgers Regularly Changed McCarthy’s Plays

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 17:00

Green Bay
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was given totally autonomy to change plays in
the huddle or at the line of scrimmage which he did often.

This became a point of contention between the two as it prevented McCarthy from getting into a rhythm as a play caller and then turned into a competition to see who could call the better plays.

The Packers
announced the firing of McCarthy who was in his 13th season as the
head coach of the Packers and replaced him on an interim basis with the current
offensive coordinator and former Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin.

The Packers
will now limp to the end of the season with meaningless games aside from a trip
to Soldier Filed to play the NFC North Division leading Chicago Bears in week

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Cardi B Bails On Hearing

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 12:17

The judge in Cardi B’s strip club beatdown case has issued the rapper a stern warning: “show up to court or face getting arrested.”

While Cardi’s legal team appeared for the Monday morning hearing, the 26-year-old was no where in sight. The judge and prosecutors expressed their frustration as they had already given Cardi a 6-week extension on the case.

Cardi’s defense team also expressed their own frustration saying, they have not been able to get in touch with her directly and only found out on Thursday that the rapper had a prior commitment which would prevent her from attending the hearing.

Cardi is accused of telling her posse to attack two strip club bartenders—Jade and Baddie Gi—who she had previously accused of sleeping with her husband, Offset.

Nicki Minaj recently featured the bartenders in her music video—a big ole middle finger to Cardi.

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Everyone Thank Kim

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 09:25

On Sunday’s “KUWTK” Kim Kardashian-West shared that people on the internet “hate” her.

While talking with sister Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, Kim revealed that she received a lot of backlash after a comment she made–in a previous episode–while fighting with Kourtney.

In case you missed it, Kim called Kourtney “the least exciting to look at” of all the Kardash-sisters.

While most fans did not appreciate the comment, one came to Kim’s defense writing to Kourtney, “thank Kim for your career.” Scott agreed saying “Ha! For sure, without you this whole thing would be dead.”

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Ariana’s Cover Ups

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 09:14

Ariana Grande is slowing erasing Pete Davidson from her life. The singer, who earlier this year got the number “8418” tattooed on her foot—the badge number of Pete’s fire fighter father who died on 9/11— recently covered it up with “Myron.”

Myron is the name of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller’s dog, who she adopted following the rapper’s death.

Ariana also covered up “Pete,” which she had tattooed on her ring finger, with a black heart.

Interestingly, her ex fiancé Pete covered up his Ariana neck tattoo with a black heart as well

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United Christmas

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 07:19

The Fab Four will be roasting chestnuts and drinking cocoa together this holiday season. According to the Daily Mail, the royals will be spending the holidays together in a “show of solidarity.” Contrary to rumors that they will be apart this Christmas—Prince William and Kate were rumored to be going to the Middleton’s family home— a source told the outlet that “everyone will be in Norfolk this year.”

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