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Kendall Jenner’s CK Video

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 12:27

Kendall Jenner sizzles in her latest ad for Calvin Klein. While the “KUWTK” star has been working with the brand since 2015, she was featured in a new video which aired online on Tuesday. In the shots the 23-year-old is seen sporting some of the brand’s latest designs, including black, lacy intimate wear and a red dress.

Robinson Baby On The Way

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 12:18

John Luke Robinson—son of “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robinson—is expecting his first child with wife Mary Kate. The couple announced that news on Instagram, revealing they are due in October with a little boy.

RIP, Tim Conway

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 12:13

Tim Conway has died. The former comedian who starred on the “Carol Burnett Show” passed away on Tuesday after a long illness. Tim’s six children announced the news in a press release to USA TODAY. He was 85.

Baby #2 for Roloff Family

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 07:24

Baby #2 is on the way for Zach and Tori Roloff. The “Little People, Big World” couple announced the news on Monday, saying their daughter is due in November. The little girl will join big brother Jackson, 2.

Jenelle Evans’ Son Taken by CPS

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 07:23

Jenelle Evans’ son Kaiser Griffith, 4, was picked up by child protective services last Friday. According to sources, the child is currently with his father, Jenelle’s ex-fiancé, Nathan Griffith.

CPS became involved after Jenelle’s husband David Eason killed the family’s French bulldog, Nugget—in front of some of the couple’s children. A source told Us that the former “Teen Mom” star is “trying to Kaiser back.”

MEANWHILE—Jenelle is reportedly not planning to divorce David. Previous reports stated that the 27-year-old had told Us that she was considering leaving him, but has since said she is just “trying to move on from the incident.

Arthur Character is Gay

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 07:21

Congratulations are in order for “Arthur” star Mr. Ratburn. The cake-loving teacher on the animated kid’s series wed the man of his dreams on Monday’s premiere episode. Based on social media feedback, fans of the show fully support the storyline.

The show is currently in in 22nd season on PBS kids.

Brawl at Blac Chyna’s Home

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 07:21

Blac Chyna threw down with her hairdresser over the weekend and it was all caught on tape. The incident, which took place outside of Chyna’s San Fernando Valley home on Saturday, started over an issue with payment. The star’s hairdresser said she came at her with a knife, but the video shows that the stylist started it all by throwing cans of soda at Chyna’s Bentley. There is also no evidence of a knife per the footage.

The police are investigating the incident and will probably turn it over to prosecutors who will decide what happens next, if anything.

Trade war? Tough trade talks heat up between Trump, China

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 19:23

In retaliation for the Trump administration’s decision to raise tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese products, China will now raise tariffs and $60 billion in US goods. News of that sent US stocks falling by about 2% on fears of the ratcheting up of a trade war. This follows the collapse of last week’s trade talks and President Trump’s decision to increase tariffs from 10% to 25% on hundreds of billions of dollars in imported products.

MEANWHILE—but not so fast. President Trump on Monday insisted he has “not made that decision yet” on whether to slap on those additional tariffs. Trump said he looks forward to meeting Chinese president Xi Jinping and Russian president Vladimir Putin at the upcoming G-20 summit in late June.

Extreme makeover: Failing Harris joins Beto in building new look

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 19:22

Kamala Harris is joining Beto O’Rourke in trying to change course in their quest to become the Democrat nominee. The California senator is abandoning her far-left push and embracing a more center-left image, much like the lane seized by Joe Biden. Harris was failing to gain any traction with the ultra-socialist crowd, and no doubt saw Biden occupying what passes for the reasonable lane all to himself.

Top Democrats swoop Tlaib’s defense

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 19:22

Top House Democrats are coming to the rescue of embattled Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib. On Monday, House majority leader Steny Hoyer said Tlaib is owed an apology because Republicans took her comments about the Holocaust out of context. Tlaib told a Yahoo News podcast that she gets a warm feeling about the Holocaust, but the Democrat and first-ever Palestinian member of Congress insists she meant it was because her ancestors were able to give up some of their land to create Israel. Pelosi tweeted the criticism is a “desperate attempt” by the GOP to smear Tlaib.

Supreme Court allows Apple lawsuit to proceed

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 19:21

A narrow U.S. Supreme Court ruling will allow a lawsuit against Apple to move forward. Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined the liberal wing of the court in declaring that a group of iPhone users do in fact have the standing to sue Apple for what they claim is unfair pricing and monopolistic business dealing in its App Store, which is the only place Apple product users can buy apps for their devices. On the other hand, Apple argues it only facilitates the sales between developers and customers. The ruling says nothing about the case, only that a lawsuit is allowed.

Feds uncover massive marriage fraud operation

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 19:21

Homeland Security has uncovered a massive marriage fraud operation taking place in Houston. The fraud ring enabled foreign nationals to fraudulently obtain legal status in the US by paying some $50-$70,000 in fraudulent nuptials, giving them resident status. The operation even produced fake wedding albums and falsified tax and other documents.

Cartels “kicking our butts” in one New Mexico county

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 19:21

Stretched federal immigration resources is empowering Mexican drug cartels in New Mexico, according to one local official. Two border patrol checkpoints in Otero County were taken down so that the staff could process illegal immigrants instead. But that has led to the cartels “winning and winning big, they are kicking our butts, complained County Commissioner Couy Griffin. The shutdown of the checkpoints is allowing drug smugglers to take their operation from the middle of nowhere directly onto major highways corridors, Griffin said.

Saudis blame tanker attacks on sabotage

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 19:21

Saudi Arabia is blaming attacks on two of its oil tankers on sabotage. And they’re pointing the finger at their blood enemy, Iran. The incidents happen just as the tensions between the US and Iran a ratchet up and a new US carrier group is moving into the Persian Gulf.

Federal spending hits all-time high

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 19:20

The federal government spent more than $2.57 trillion dollars in the first seven months of the 2019 fiscal year, according to Treasury data. That set an all time record for federal spending in the first seven months of any fiscal year. The previous record was set in 2011, when the feds spent just shy of $2.5 trillion.

Fan Theories on West Baby’s Name

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 16:02

With Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West remaining mum on their newborn son’s moniker, fans have theories:

Some think his name could be “Bear” or “Teddy” because in some Tweets and Instagram posts about the little one, Kim used a teddy bear emoji.

Another fan thought the bear emoji had some sort of connection to the Chicago Bears in honor of where Kanye grew up and sister Chicago West.

Others guessed the little guy will have a family name such as “Don” in honor of Kanye’s late-mom Donda West or maybe “Robert” after Kim’s brother and late-father.

Fans will just have to keep up and wait and see…

Kenan Out at SNL?

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 15:46

Kenan Thompson now holds the title for longest-tenured cast member on Saturday Night Live, but he’s also just been given a series order for “The Kenan Show.” It’ll be about a recently-widowed father raising two kids with the help of father-in-law Andy Garcia.

The Hollywood Reporter says he’ll stay on SNL, but “it remains unclear in what capacity” — so maybe that just means fewer “Family Feud” spoofs with Thompson as Steve Harvey.

A-Rod and J-Lo at the Strip Club

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 15:43

Jennifer Lopez invited Alex Rodriguez to a gentleman’s club — but it was to interview strippers ahead of her role in “Hustlers.” She’ll star alongside Cardi B.

A-Rod says nothing got too freaky, and they spent the night asking the workers questions about their jobs.

“This Is Us” Three-peat

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 15:36

This Is Us” has been renewed for a huge three-season order. It just wrapped up its third season. This sort of thing rarely happens to a TV show, but even after its first episode in Season 1, NBC ordered two more.

Creator Dan Fogelman says he has an endpoint in mind, and has already been filming footage of the kid actors to keep flashbacks in continuity as they age.

GUILTY: Felicity Huffman Likely Cops a Deal

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 15:07

Actress Felicity Huffman has plead guilty in the college admissions scandal. She spent $15,000 to juice her daughter’s SAT test — specifically, a proctor changed incorrect answers after her daughter left. She’s among 50 others in the scandal, but is probably the highest-profile person.

In a written apology, Huffman says, “This transgression toward [my daughter] and the public I will carry for the rest of my life.”

Prosecutors have recommended four months in prison, a $20,000 fine and 12 months supervised release, but the conspiracy charge could max out at 20 years in prison.